The Cynton Corporation



The BUSINESS TRAINING GROUP of The Cynton Corporation develops and offers "hands-on" practical. informative, educational and idea-provoking seminars to businesses in the pre-start-up, start-up, emerging and mature phases, and to entrepreneurial individuals.

These seminars are very cost-effective and cover all the functional areas of a business. Participants are shown by seasoned and experienced businessmen (not academics) how to develop a business plan, the essential elements of creative financing structures, traditional and non-traditional financing options, how to prepare a winning loan or investment package, human resource planning, financial ratios and scoring, market research, evaluation and strategy, syndicating projects, project due diligence requirements etc.

Additionally, practical seminars on security management, mediation, company valuation, future internet-related technologies, business opportunities, joint ventures, licensing, franchising, etc. are available.

Further information is available directly from our Business Training Group in the Contact Us section.